OASIS Review

When OASIS assessments are not completed properly, this can lead to reduced reimbursement, risk of audit, or even claim denial. Premier Returns’ OASIS review service ensures the accuracy of each episode so you are properly paid for the services you provide, while reducing the red flags that may warrant an audit.

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OASIS Quality Review Specialists

Premier Returns identifies potential inconsistencies in OASIS and offers solutions on rectifying problems. Our certified OASIS review experts are specialists in home health clinical documentation and are always up-to-date on the latest regulations and requirements. They review the full chart, including physician orders, care plans/visit frequencies and clinical assessments.

OASIS Status Evaluation & Ongoing Review

Before we begin the OASIS review process, we will provide an initial check of your OASIS assessment status to determine how your business is doing. Additionally, we will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss your current financial status and offer suggestions on how you can improve.

Web-Based Analytic Technology

Premier Returns provides comprehensive analytic technology that will allow you to see your business as you never have before. This Web-based technology allows you to follow your Medicare claims through the system, identifying where your cash flow is being held up and why as well as hidden trends in revenue performance, lost revenue opportunities, timeliness of claims, clean claim rate and much more.